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Who we are


Founded in 2017, In-Sec-M, Canada’s cybersecurity industry cluster, is a non-profit organization that brings together companies, learning and research institutions, and government actors to take concerted action to increase the cohesion and competitiveness of the Canadian cybersecurity industry, nationally and internationally.

In-Sec-M aims to promote the cybersecurity industry and increase the innovation, commercialization and growth capabilities of businesses in this field. In-Sec-M also supports innovative Canadian SMEs by providing cybersecurity consulting services through the National Research Council’s (NRC) Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP).


Billions of dollars are invested each year to increase the cyber-resilience of our infrastructure and organizations and more will be invested over the next few years. Expenses that make you dizzy, but most of the fallout threatens to leave the country towards better structured ecosystems and major international groups who understood the importance, first of all, of being seen by the major contract givers.

Meanwhile, here in this country, the cyber security ecosystem consist essentially in a multitude of small businesses operating silo, each carrying out his business in its corner and often ignorant that the missing piece of their puzzles, a researcher, a colleague or another contractor sometimes not far away had perhaps not even the knowledge…

In short, a fragmented ecosystem, working in silos and unable to reach the big national and international clients.

Add to that procurement and acquisition systems, both private and public, in inadequacy with the reality of this same ecosystem and all the ingredients are together to kill in the egg a very promising ecosystem of innovation and endowed with an undeniable know-how.

This is the basis of what is now In-Sec-M: a concrete response of the ecosystem the trend of looking elsewhere for solutions to our cyber security problems.

In-Sec-M is a Canadian-wide, bilingual structure capable of talking as much to the private sector as to public sector and bringing together the actors of the cyber security ecosystem – that is to say companies that offer cyber security services, products and solutions, educational and training institutions, research centers, and whoever wants to play an active role in this ecosystem.