About In-Sec-M

We are the national cybersecurity cluster

In-Sec-M was founded in 2017 at the suggestion of the National Research Council Canada (NRCC) which wanted to bring together Canadian companies with expertise in cybersecurity so that they could better distinguish themselves in major national and international cybersecurity markets.

In 2023, nearly 2,000 Canadian companies will benefit from the expertise of an In-Sec-M partner.

A bridge between supply and demand

In-Sec-M is a non-profit organization that brings together key players in the cybersecurity ecosystem. We play the role of intermediary between organizations that have cybersecurity needs and those that have the solution. We also work to promote Canadian cybersecurity services and solutions to major Canadian and international decision-makers.

Tailor-made training courses

In partnership with various provincial or federal departments, In-Sec-M ensures the design and delivery of cybersecurity programs, initiatives and services intended to help organizations and communities achieve stronger cybersecurity. Our training courses are developed in collaboration with Canadian companies that are among the most experienced in the country.

Our goal: a competitive and internationally recognized Canadian cybersecurity industry

Cybersecurity and its more than distressing counterpart, cyber threats, have become in just a few years an essential subject that has imposed itself from the highest levels of the state and the economy to the smallest corners of our private lives.

Hardly a day goes by without yet another cybersecurity incident making headlines and the cyber resilience of our institutions being called into question.

A plethora of statistics demonstrate that cyberattacks are more numerous, more dangerous and more costly every day for our entire system, from the preservation of a democratic space to our ability to offer essential services to our fellow citizens, in through the protection of the know-how of our manufacturers.

In short, the cyber threats we face are not to be taken lightly.

However, if all this is indeed and sadly true, cybersecurity is also a formidable vector of development and a real opportunity to create a dynamic ecosystem that generates very lucrative jobs across the country.

It is to this vision of things that In-Sec-M is dedicated.

In-Sec-M is an initiative intended to ensure that the Canadian cybersecurity ecosystem remains responsive, competitive and capable of offering the best possible solutions, here and on the international scene.