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Together, let’s build a cybersecurity innovation ecosystem that is strong, dynamic and recognized

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25 May 2021



We are the Canadian cluster of the cybersecurity industry


A business catalyst for companies, learning and research centers and governments

A partner of the NRC-IRAP for cybersecurity

A Cybersecurity Excellence Center recognized by the Government of Quebec



In-Sec-M designs and implements innovation programs to foster the co-design and enhancement of innovative cybersecurity solutions to meet the most complex needs of organizations, strategic sectors and territories.



In-Sec-M puts the best talents and solutions of the ecosystem at the service of organizations wishing to increase their cyber-resilience.



In-Sec-M bridges supply and demand by supporting cybersecurity companies to develop cybersecurity markets, both here and abroad.


Our members: our strength

In-Sec-Gathers stakeholders of the Canadian cyber security ecosystem

Providers of solutions and services, independent consultants, government agencies, innovative start-ups, IT managers, research centers, educational institutions, training organizations, associations and representatives of cybersecurity-related groups, law firms in cybernetics, insurers …

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All those who enliven the ecosystem, who make it live and grow and who testify to its dynamism and diversity are invited to join In-Sec-M.

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Infidem Streamscan Maltem  Consulting Group Forward Security Kryptera

What's new in cyber security industry

8 June 2021

Ribs and cybersecurity: an issue that reaches our plates

A cyberattack coupled with a ransom demand could have driven up the price of our Souvlaki chicken. This came against the US and Australian subsidiaries of Brazilian food giant JBS. Producing beef, chicken and pork, the company says it resolved the attack very quickly. A rapid response has proven crucial…

31 May 2021

Cybersecurity: 5 essential books

Much was written about cyber ​​security. Novels, essays, articles, technical manuals: you can find anything! Here are 5 essential books to add to your reading list to dive deep into cybersecurity and hacking. The Art of Intrusion: The Real Stories Behind the Exploits of Hackers, Intruders & Deceivers (Kevin…

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