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Workshop on the financial sector’s cyber resilience and cybersecurity in Quebec

On October 4, In-Sec-M, in collaboration with the Government of Quebec and its partners, organized a workshop to better understand the issues experienced in cybersecurity and to find the business needs and technical needs related to Canada’s critical infrastructure. More than a hundred participants attended the first workshop we organized in Montreal.

Several speakers attended, including Jean Le Bouthillier, CEO of Qohash, Matthieu Chouinard, President and founder of In Fidem, Steve Hétu, President of InnoSecur, Jean-Guy Rens, Senior partner at ScienceTech Communications, Tyson Johnson, Chief of operations at CyberNB, Bernard Assaf, cybersecurity consultant from the Digital Network Consulting Group, Smart Infrastructure, for Siemens Canada, and Luc Sirois, CEO of Prompt.