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Ribs and cybersecurity: an issue that reaches our plates

A cyberattack coupled with a ransom demand could have driven up the price of our Souvlaki chicken.

This came against the US and Australian subsidiaries of Brazilian food giant JBS.

Producing beef, chicken and pork, the company says it resolved the attack very quickly. A rapid response has proven crucial in limiting potential losses in food production, according to the company.

But that’s not all. “The robust IT system and the backup servers that contained encrypted data” are also among the elements that have enabled rapid data recovery, JBS estimated on June 3.

The White House and the FBI even had to get involved, as the meat factory suspects a Russian-based criminal organization of being behind the ransom demand.

While speed of execution saved the day, such a cyberattack could have seriously affected factory meat production. This has had ramifications to the point of raising fears of rising meat prices as barbecue season is upon us.

The cyberattack comes weeks after the attack on the Colonial oil and gas pipeline system on the US east coast. It had even disrupted the supply of fuel and even played a role in the rise in gasoline prices in North America.

Far from being harmless, these attacks can have a direct influence on the market price of essential goods, or cause a snowball effect in supply chains, as happened with fuel.

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