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Motorola Solutions: Leader in Public Safety and Enterprise Critical Communications, Infrastructures and Software

Saad Khan is the Director of Strategic Services for Canada at Motorola Solutions (MSI), a global leading provider of critical communications, video security and analytics, command center software, and managed and support services to make communities safer and help businesses stay productive and secure.

In-Sec-M: What is your specialty in the field of cybersecurity?

Saad Khan: We provide mission and business-critical technologies for public and enterprise security, keeping communities and businesses safe, productive and thriving. We have a long and rich history in mission-critical communications, and our strategic investment over the past decade has allowed us to build the world’s most complete technology ecosystem. Today, our solutions are fully integrated to help our customers detect and analyze events, and seamlessly communicate and respond appropriately in any situation.

Motorola Solutions offers a full spectrum of cybersecurity services to assist companies in managing their cyber risk. These include:

  • Managed security services — Security monitoring, incident management and reporting, patching and advanced threat detection and response to protect endpoints, networks and cloud applications and infrastructure.
  • Advisory services — National Institute of Standards and Technologies (NIST)-aligned risk assessments and consulting, penetration testing, governance and compliance.
  • System recovery services — Business continuity and incident response planning, system recovery and post-incident analysis.
  • Cybersecurity training — Training and certifications for cloud security, incident response management and risk management.

Cybersecurity services offered in Canada adhere to the ITSG-33 cybersecurity standard designed to assist government agencies in ensuring security.

In-Sec-M: What sets you apart?

Saad Khan: Our end-to-end approach to keep first responder communication systems operational sets us apart from other cybersecurity providers. Throughout our years of operation, we have collaborated with a wide range of public safety organizations in order to broaden our scope of service and evolve to meet their cybersecurity needs today. Cyber threats continue to grow in number, scale and sophistication and we train our customers on how they can stay actively informed of the rapidly changing landscape of security and compliance threats, while providing a portfolio of cybersecurity services to enhance operational integrity.

In-Sec-M: How did you experience the impact of COVID?

Saad Khan: The pandemic underscored the critical nature of the services we provide, allowing first responders to communicate and collaborate under unprecedented circumstances. Customers cannot afford for the networks and technologies we provide to be compromised, so we have continually grown and invested in our cybersecurity capabilities.

During this time, we also continued to invest in our cyber capabilities through smart investments, new acquisitions and our continued commitment to product innovation. We acquired Delta Risk, a renowned consultancy and managed security services provider, and Lunarline, a professional services business with extensive training expertise.

In-Sec-M: How does In-Sec-M support you?

Saad Khan:  By collaborating with In-Sec-M in their world-class cybersecurity cluster in Gatineau, we hope to build a strong community of suppliers and members who wish to engage, collaborate and develop new business opportunities.

In-Sec-M: Is there any book about cybersecurity you would like your colleagues to read?

Saad Khan: I am currently reading a book about cybersecurity called, This is how they tell me the world ends – The cyberweapons arms race, written by Nicole Perlroth. Perlroth is a New York Times cybersecurity writer who specializes in the cyber arms trade.

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