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Maltem Canada, Building the Future

By allowing consumers to integrate digital technologies into their ongoing activities, digital transition is continuously shaping our daily lives with multiple challenges. Fortunately, companies like Maltem Canada, an independent group affiliated with Maltem consulting group, an international group located in several countries, consumers especially companies of all sizes no longer have to worry about the challenges of this transition.

Established in Montréal since 2018, Maltem Canada is experiencing rapid growth with more than forty renowned collaborators, ready to support clients in the digital transition. With innovation being part of their business strategy, Maltem Canada offers consulting services in several areas

such as application development, agile support, big data, user experience and cyber security.

How did you manage to differentiate yourself from the competition in Canada?

The Canadian market becoming more and more competitive,  Maltem Canada differentiates itself through the wide field of expertise, the excellent profiles of our employees, but also the partnerships signed within the local and international ecosystem,” maintains Ms. Aurélie Péqueux.

How did you adapt to COVID-19?

Ms. Péqueux says: “we have adopted our agile precepts in order to be as close as possible to our customers challenges, and to meet their needs with responsiveness and personalized solutions. Due to their digital approach maturity, we were able to quickly switch to telecommuting. Finally, our sector diversity was essential, and enabled us to bounce back in essential sectors. We are proud to show positive growth, made possible in particular by the efforts of all of our employees. We measure the scope of this success in view of the exceptional situation.”

Why is it important for Maltem Canada to be a member of In-Sec-M?

As a digital centre of excellence funded by the Government of Quebec, In-Sec-M aims to promote the cybersecurity industry and increase the capacity for innovation, commercialization and growth of companies in this field. For Maltem Canada, being a member of such an organization represents as per Ms. Péqueux: “an opportunity to get to know the stakeholders in the field, to develop a solid network and to be in tune with innovations and market perspectives. As the cybersecurity expertise center of Maltem Consulting Group, it is essential for us to be at the forefront of new developments. In-Sec-M allows us to have the necessary market visibility”.

Challenges to be taken up in 2021?

With its vision to go further, Maltem Canada is working to make itself known throughout Canada, in particular with a desire to expand the market in British Columbia and the sustainability of our branch agency in New York.

According to the Co-Founder of Maltem Canada, Mr. Jean-Luc Salinas: “In 2020 Maltem Canada will become the center of excellence in cybersecurity for the group and wishes to perpetuate this positioning. The latter is strategic because it allows us to support all of our local and international customers from Montreal, but also to offer, thanks to its partnerships with Flare System (Montreal) and Yogosha (France), complete protection against cyber attacks and the risks inherent in computer data and of course human negligence.”

In addition, Ms. Péqueux emphasizes that “being aware of our social and environmental responsibility, Maltem Canada supports, through its ALDINIE Foundation and its MOOOVE movement, many humanitarian and ecological projects. In 2020, it finances among other things the education of several young people in Madagascar, offers support in their professional integration and especially accommodation within the structure La maison des innovations. We are very proud to allow our employees to sponsor these young people who want a better future.”

In conclusion, even though challenges and risks associated with technological change could be vertiginous in many ways, we can still be happy with the initiatives in place to ensure our security.

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