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DEVICOM: for efficient communications

Located in Chicoutimi, DEVICOM is a company that specializes in communications technologies, research and development of new technologies, and the creation of adapted strategic solutions. Globally, the company provides SMBs and large industries with the infrastructure necessary for unified and simplified communication, anywhere, anytime, maintaining data security and systems reliability, at moderate costs.

Three decades of innovation

Founded in 1989 by France Lavoie and her spouse, the family business has evolved greatly. “When we started, we worked on IT development for Rio Tinto, which still runs with our processes. At the time, we were specialized with research centers, which were interested in products for electrolysis and aluminum. In the 2000s, we integrated the telecommunications and cybersecurity part. From 2013, we made a shift to focus on innovation and creativity within the company,” says Ms. Lavoie.

“We try to always be ahead. We offer a lot of integrated services. We make them grow, we make them more efficient. We are always innovating! ”, she adds. Today, DEVICOM builds IT infrastructures, performs digital transformations, offers optimized management and in-depth analyzes. The company creates applications to improve customers’ business models.

How did you experience the impact of COVID?

The pandemic has weakened the company, which currently relies on subsidies. “We went back to our 53 employees, and most of them are telecommuting. In the spring, clients’ IT projects were on hiatus,” says the founder.

Plans for the future?

“Of course! We are working on a major artificial intelligence project with Prompt Innov, to the tune of $ 3.9 million. This is the largest cybersecurity project in Quebec. Also with Prompt Innov, we are developing an educational project in the field of teaching,” says Ms. Lavoie.

DEVICOM is also developing products for the forest, including four mobile applications to promote reforestation and software to send reports to government authorities.

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