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Cybersecurity at the heart of Covid-19

The changes imposed by COVID-19 in the professional field, will completely change the modes of operation. Therefore, the issue of cybersecurity is more urgent than ever, with the multitudes of data that are exchanged daily especially for small and medium-sized businesses.

Faced with this, the CyberSwat Group led by Jean-Philippe Racine specialist in cybersecurity, has given itself the mission to contribute to the sustainability of companies by protecting the information which is most sensitive to them. According to M. Racine, “the idea of ​​founding CyberSwat in 2015 follows the finding of a significant shortage in the market for products and services adapted to Quebec SMEs. There is also a need to popularize cybersecurity issues for this type of business. ”

What services offered to SMEs

Following a logic of excellence, Groupe CyberSwat offers personalized solutions to customers to help them find a fair balance in the protection of information. The services revolve around three axes:
• cyber risk assessment which allows for appropriate recommendations to be made.
• Prevention, which aims to support SMEs in implementing recommendations, in addition to raising awareness.
• Security incident management to help businesses get back to normal.

The impacts of Covid-19 in the cybersecurity market

According to Jean-Philippe Racine, “although some customers have decided to delay security projects for various reasons, others are even more committed to this area of ​​the future. Businesses are at high risk of data breaches, with teleworking making data accessible to workstations over which they have no control; In particular, there is a greater chance that viruses will be installed and that data leaks (malicious or accidental) will occur. ”

How do you manage the COVID crisis and what suggestions for safe teleworking?

Despite the unexpected upheaval of COVID-19, Groupe CyberSwat is more than ever ready to support customers. In fact, as Jean-Philippe Racine affirms: “in managing this crisis, it is first important to question the sensitivity of the information to be handled by teleworkers and the tools already available in the company . Then, it is possible to recommend better security practices and acquire new tools. ” However, the latter suggests taking into account these elements often forgotten in the risk assessment related to telework:

1. the security level of the employee’s WI-FI network, and the fact that this WI-FI password could have been shared with neighbors and friends;
2. the physical environment in which the work is carried out, allowing in particular the confidentiality of printed documents and exchanges by telephone / videoconference;
3. security updates for any computer device that ends up at home, including those of the spouse and children; ban the presence on the network of Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Mac OS 10.12 and below. Prefer to use Windows 8, Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.13 and more.

The future of post-Covid-19 cybersecurity

For M. Racine, “there is a fundamental movement that will arise after this crisis; telework will be more socially accepted. It will therefore be important to continue to question good practices in cybersecurity. ”

Why are you a member of In-Sec-M?

In-Sec-M plays an important role in promoting the cybersecurity industry in Quebec and Canada, both locally and internationally; This contributes to developing the market and the expertise of Quebec businesses. Pending a return to normal, the CyberSwat Group offers you some resources to better equip you and get through this crisis.


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