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15 October 2020

How to do Business with NATO?

On October 15, In-Sec-M and NATO hosted a virtual presentation for all Canadian companies and organizations to demystify the process of purchasing and acquiring cybersecurity technologies and services. Martin Bedard, Canadian Liaison Officer, NSPA, introduced Virginie Viscardy, a representative from NCIA, NATO’s primary C3 capability and cybersecurity provider, will present the…

16 July 2020

Canada – Netherlands Cybersecurity Virtual Networking Event

A virtual event between Canada and the Netherlands was organized on June 18 to learn more about the cybersecurity ecosystems of Canada and the Netherlands, as well as meet promising peers and technology partners. Organized by Invest Ottawa, with the collaboration of In-Sec-M, this cross-site allowed several members of In-Sec-M…

14 July 2020

Large-scale project at National Defence

The Department of National Defence released more information earlier this week on a very important project by the Canadian Armed Forces to acquire a cyber defence solution to improve decision support in general and the security of DND and the CAF cyberspace, including the ability to detect, analyze and respond…

14 July 2020

Canadian Laboratory for Digital Identity Receives Several Public and Private Grants

The Digital Identity Laboratory of Canada, headquartered in Gatineau, is approaching its initial funding objective of $ 1M. Thanks to recent grants from the City of Gatineau, the Government of Quebec, Converge Technology Solutions, Equitable Bank and Sagard Holdings, the Laboratory will accelerate the adoption of user-centered digital identity solutions…

6 July 2020

MTL Connect 2020: A Virtual Edition, Real Connections

From October 13 to 18, 2020, MTL connects: Montreal Digital Week will be exclusively online. Organized by Digital Spring, a non-profit organization whose primary mission is to democratize and support digital transformation, publishing has been re-imagined to facilitate networking and the transfer of expertise between participants. “This year, the programming…

14 May 2020

A new national digital identity laboratory

This spring, a national digital identity laboratory was created by several private and public partners, with DIACC and In-Sec-M. The Canadian non-profit organization will provide the resources and independence necessary to create a neutral, healthy and secure environment conducive to promoting, validating and maintaining compliance and technical interoperability between and…

25 March 2020

Creation of the first National Digital Identity Laboratory

The Digital ID and Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC) is pleased to announce a collaborative partnership with Canada’s cybersecurity cluster, In-Sec-M, to create the first national digital identity lab. Leveraging the strengths of their respective members, the two organizations have begun to identify and enumerate the requirements for the future…

10 March 2020

Passports: major changes needed?

The cyber threat landscape is evolving at breakneck speed, in an expanding and increasingly complex landscape. Municipal and government agencies, as well as businesses, simply cannot keep pace. We must recognize that absolute cybersecurity is absolutely impossible. The question is not whether our defenses will be violated, but when they…

28 January 2020

Big start for the first day of In-Sec-M’s first mission to France!

While the International Cybersecurity Forum (FIC) to which the mission will converge as of today was not yet started, strategic meetings with leading French players in the cybersecurity ecosystem took place all day in Paris. During a morning of presentations and private meetings at the Quebec Government Office in Paris,…

18 December 2019

Call to projects – PICQ

The Program developed by Prompt and In-Sec-M will provide the funding, the opportunities, and the strategy to shape and deliver the next generation of cybersecurity innovation in Quebec. Up to 25% of the budget of your innovation projects may be funded through this program. You may add matching…

6 December 2019

New vision for the Quebec government

Quebec’s International Vision enhances and amplifies the Quebec’s International Policy, which is still in force. In terms of international relations, the government will continue to promote Quebec’s identity and interests around the world, while placing greater emphasis on trade and market diversification, as well as on attracting investments.