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In-Sec-M AGM 2019: a new Board of Directors

At the general meeting held on 22 October 2019, In-Sec-M established a new board of directors. Now made up of 10 people, the Board welcomes three new members:

  • Jean-Philippe Racine, CEO of CyberSwat Group,
  • Scott Wright, CEO of Click Armor, and
  • Rima Aristocrat, President of Willis College.

The following members were re-elected for a two-year period:

  • Antoine Normand, CEO of BlueBear,
  • François Labonté, Executive Director of CRIM,
  • Matthieu Chouinard, CEO of In Fidem inc.

Make note that the following members are still in place as directors:

  • Luc Sirois, CEO of Prompt,
  • Augustin Roy, from Polytechnique of Montreal,
  • Gabriela Nicolescu CEO of Kyber security, and
  • Robert Nastas, CEO of PM Scada

This meeting allowed the In-Sec-M President, Antoine Normand, to present an account of the activities carried out since the first meeting held on February 13, 2018 and to discuss those to come.