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Bulletproof: Simple, secure solutions for complex IT issues

Did you say BULLETPROOF?

Indeed, BULLETPROOF is an end-to-end IT and cyber security company co-founded in 2000 in Fredericton, New Brunswick by a group of young forward-thinking experts, including electrical engineer by trade, Jeff Shaw. Since its beginning, Bulletproof’s ultimate goal has been to help businesses of every shape and size compete with the biggest players in the game by driving better security, better customer satisfaction, and better business growth through technology.

Over the years, the company has experienced a meteoric rise through its depth of expertise, quality of its services, and its understanding of current and future market needs in security and compliance; enabling it to be named Microsoft’s global 2021 security Partner of the Year and three-peat Microsoft Canada IMPACT Award Winner [2021-2019].   Bulletproof is proud to be a long-standing Microsoft Gold Partner with twelve gold competencies, a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA), and holder of the Microsoft Threat Protection Advanced Specialization.  In 2016, the company opened its state-of-the-art 24/7 Security Operations Center (SOC).  Today, users on six continents trust Bulletproof to secure their networks, data, and people.

What are your services and clients?

The most powerful IT solutions often feel out of reach for smaller businesses, especially those with a limited IT department (or none at all). According to Jeff Shaw, “BULLETPROOF has been known since the beginning as a service provider to small and medium-sized businesses.  Our goal is to help them power their business with enterprise-class security and productivity solutions that are both affordable and manageable.”  This mindset led to the company to launch BULLETPROOF 365, a managed service designed specifically to meet both the productivity and security challenges of modern SMBs in one comprehensive offering. Essentially, becoming the IT department for their customers.

As companies grow so too does the complexity of their IT requirements. To that end, Bulletproof also helps large organizations implement, deploy, and manage powerful IT solutions at scale by lowering costs and adoption roadblocks.  In 2019, the company launched BULLETPROOF 365 ENTERPRISE, powered by Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure Sentinel.  For organizations that have adopted the service, Bulletproof essentially becomes their security team; optimizing the advanced threat protection features of Microsoft 365 and leveraging Bulletproof’s security experts.  Customers receive two levels of 24/7 monitored, seamless security vigilance – proactive protection that stops threats before they happen and responsive security that automatically contains threats when they occur – without slowing their business processes or productivity.

How do you stand out in the market?

As per J. Shaw, “Our security pedigree married with our standing as a leading national Microsoft Gold security and compliance partner really allows us to look at everything we do through a very different lens of integrating productivity, enablement, and security into the solutions we develop to deliver value, protection, and peace of mind that others simply can’t.”

For Stacey Black“ COVID-19 has likely been the single biggest driver of digital transformation for organizations. As so many were scrambling to sort out how to manage a sudden shift to remote work for an entire workforce in days or weeks, not the months or years their long-term planning may have anticipated, it was very satisfying to know that our customers were able to make the transition without having to worry about security and productivity – they were set!”

What are your expectations as a member of In-Sec-M?

According to J. Shaw: “We’ve known In-Sec-M through the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP), and we realize that our organizations have a great synergy. Being a member is an open door to new perspectives, as In-Sec-M is a key organization that promotes cybersecurity in the Canadian landscape, as well as increasing the capacity for innovation, commercialization and growth of companies in this sector. ”

What are the challenges for 2021?

Ultimately, BULLETPROOF is expanding globally with over two hundred employees in the US, Canada and Europe.  Like a lot of companies in the industry, the shortage of skilled labour to support their growth is front and centre.   In addition to ramping up recruitment efforts, Bulletproof has been investing in the development and growth of existing talent while arousing the interest of young people in the field of cybersecurity.  The company regularly hires post-secondary students on co-op work terms and internships and has also been involved with ICTC’s CyberTitan program designed to prepare middle and secondary school students with critical skills for a digital-based economy.