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Points to watch and measures made available


  1. Be careful to validate the origin of any email, in France, some have found that it begins to circulate “fraud of the president”, that is to say that a fraudulent email seeks to transfer money into an account to help employees, or managers taken abroad.
  2. Also pay attention to the free VPN, some of these analyze the data (there are probably VPN companies within the network that could be offered)
  3. Pay attention to the viruses circulating on mobile applications, many people are trying to have statistics in real time, and applications have been creating “ransomware” on cellular are now online. Statistics are found on official websites, it’s safer than apps.

Our actions

  1. With telework measures, many people have started exchanging “username / password” to gain access to VPNs, external systems, and information normally found in corporate networks. Watch out for that.
  2. People exchange confidential information via social media
  3. If IT people want to exchange passwords with users by talking to them on the phone, Secure Exchanges provides a completely free “chat”. Https: // Just go to this page, have the link “copied” and email it to our colleague. It connects, and you can then exchange confidential information between the two parties. The channel is encrypted between the two (Secure Exchanges does not hold any keys, as always)
  4. We are in tax periods and many are retrieving paper information, which is no longer possible. Several people exchange them via Messenger, or unencrypted email, it is very dangerous.
    Secure Exchanges offers 50% off the cost of its licenses for the next 3 months. Promo code “teletravail”
  5. If confidential documents have to be sent by email, once again Secure Exchanges is there to protect them. This installs in less than 2 minutes.

Source: Secure Exchanges