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MONDATA: the democratization of cybersecurity and cloud services through automation and artificial intelligence

Despite the security measures put in place by several cybersecurity companies, computer attacks continue exponentially and cause significant losses to victims.

What are your services and how do you differentiate yourself in the market?

There are several very effective tools on the market and several competent organizations. However, none specializes in building a complete cybersecurity ecosystem that is easy to access for both large companies and SMBs.

This is the challenge that the company MONDATA Inc., founded in 2017, by Martin Berthiaume, takes up. MONDATA began its managed services operations in 2018. MONDATA now has over 40 employees who improve the MONDATA cybersecurity ecosystem every day. MONDATA offering differs from others because it offers an integrated, complete, and turnkey ecosystem.

MONDATA offers a wide variety of services all integrated with each other. From monitoring a laptop or your CLOUD environment to detecting cyber security incidents.

In this perspective, what are the most efficient practices to better protect consumers in the face of this global scourge?

Although technology has a primordial place, Mr. Berthiaume strongly believes in the democratization of cybersecurity. As he argues: “One of the issues in computer security is user education. We must help them develop good behaviour in their use of technologies. This will allow better integration of security equipment into the user ecosystem, better understanding and better acceptance of certain additional steps in daily tasks. Adding an authentication factor is a great example. Once the users understand how this can help them, the reluctance decreases. It’s like the seat belt in the car, now everyone accepts it. It has not always been the case. Therefore our platform is designed to inform users of their good or bad moves.

How did you experience the first phase of COVID-19?

“We certainly had challenges, mainly in the first few months. Employees with young children have gone through intense times. Having to solve complex problems in an environment where both parents sometimes work with children who seek normality in this abnormal situation has not been easy. However, thanks to the passion, determination, and good spirit of a close-knit team, we were able to meet these challenges as a team, “says Mr. Berthiaume. “We have been able to test our corporate values and we can attest that they are true, not just statements in a power point.”

What is the importance of being a member of In-Sec-M?

As a non-profit organization, In-Sec-M aims to make the Canadian cybersecurity industry competitive and internationally recognized. And, for Mr. Berthiaume: “It is important that all stakeholders work together to show that cybersecurity is not a brake on innovation. By sharing our expertise, we will be more than ready to secure Quebec and Canadian companies, and to be legitimate internationally; In-Sec-M is our spokesperson.”

In short, regardless of the size of a company, taking control of its cyber security is more than ever an obligation to remain competitive.

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