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Incepta Solutions: connecting the bridge between people and operations, while creating stories that we all can be proud of.

In recent years, Canadian companies in the technology and computer security sector have experienced exponential success both nationally and internationally. This is evident with Incepta Solutions, a Toronto-based IT company founded in 2010, with global operations in Alberta, United States, and Bangladesh. In addition to being certified as a Great Place to Work, Incepta Solutions has recently been recognized as one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies and among the top 5 Information Technology companies on the Growth 2020 List, produced by Canadian Business and MacLeans Canada.

Incepta Solutions leads with a mission to not only provide business solutions, but to equip enterprises for continual success, future growth, and to conquer challenges with their customers. According to Mr. Andrew Lie, Marketing Manager of Incepta Solutions: “Incorporating our strong partnerships with names at the forefront of technology and our ability to leverage new technologies, Incepta Solutions is well-positioned to assist in better market deployment and speed of delivery in a cost-effective way that ultimately accelerates growth. »
Incepta Solutions services and projections

On the journey to becoming a global visionary in digital transformation and enterprise solutions, Incepta Solutions offers an unparalleled and complete suite of services in cybersecurity, integration, digital transformation, data management, cloud strategy and migration as well as in customer 360 experience. Serving government institutions, medium and large companies in various sectors such as telecommunications, oil, gas, media, banking, etc., Incepta Solutions also provides IP architecture services. With an experienced team showcasing an entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, a bright future is ahead of Incepta Solutions. As per Mr. Lie: “We have promising projects under development with our cutting-edge technologies. Our expert team of #InceptaInnovators is presently working for one of the global telecommunications giants in the industry. So from now until the next few years, one of our large-scaled projects is to develop an IoT-enabled secure SMART community solution that will be deployed on many new residential developments.”

Do you perceive COVID-19 as an opportunity or a threat for Incepta Solutions?

Since the onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic, nearly every business has experienced a need for digital transformation to update their operations and adapt to the new normal of teleworking. According to Lie, this has “accelerated the transition to virtual and digital services that were already underway for many companies. On the other hand, the amount of data on the networks and the risks and responsibilities imposed by teleworking have shown the inevitable need for an organizational cybersecurity strategy. This is where Incepta Solutions plays an integral role in implementing a strong and robust cybersecurity infrastructure for businesses.”

How important is it to Incepta Solutions to be a member of In-Sec-M? 

Incepta Solutions is an advocate for having a unified community. Mr. Lie says that: “Collective growth and collaboration are core values ​​that Incepta Solutions is committed to. With that said, joining In-Sec-M means collaborating with other businesses that operate in the same ecosystem, to better develop cybersecurity awareness, to grow together, and to utilize our expertise to help businesses thrive.” Ultimately, in view of the growing awareness within companies, Incepta Solutions strives to make a lasting impact on the overall growth, success and prosperity of all businesses, and thus to leave its footprint within the digital world for the next generation.

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