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In-Sec-M partners with CyberNB’s CIPnet to strengthen cybersecurity for critical infrastructure protection in Canada

National cybersecurity industry clusters, In-Sec-M and CyberNB are proud to announce the recent signing of a partnership agreement that will see the two organizations and their members collaborate on cybersecurity initiatives in Canada.

Through this partnership, expertise in cyber protection and digital resilience of critical infrastructure will be maximized by facilitating exchanges between players in the cybersecurity ecosystem – across the country and regardless of size.

In-Sec-M is based out of Gatineau, Quebec and CyberNB’s headquarters are in Fredericton, NB, however both organizations include members from across the country. Their respective mandates are to grow Canada’s cybersecurity industry through collaboration between industry, government and academia, and this partnership agreement represents their commitment to working together to develop the best cybersecurity solutions to solve critical infrastructure protection challenges.

In-Sec-M members will be able to join CIPnet at a discounted rate, and vice versa, with members from both groups benefitting from market development and networking. In addition to joint membership benefits, various activities such as workshops, forums, round tables and trade missions will also be set up over the coming months as part of this partnership.

For more information, members are encouraged to contact their membership coordinator. Organizations wanting to join In-Sec-M or CIPnet should contact or

About In-Sec-M:  An organization founded in 2017, In-Sec-M brings together some of the main players in the Canadian cybersecurity ecosystem to enable them to exchange views with each other, increase their visibility on large national and international markets, to develop innovation projects and strengthen the cybersecurity of Canadian organizations, both public and private. Don’t hesitate to go directly to to learn more about the Canada’s Industrial Cybersecurity Cluster.

About CyberNB:  CyberNB was founded in 2016 to fill a crucial gap in Canada’s cybersecurity ecosystem, providing a single overarching organization working on behalf of all stakeholders. Today, CyberNB has an extensive national and international network of partners and collaborators in business, government and academia. A dynamic non-profit, CyberNB is a connector and multiplier for the collective advancement of Canada’s booming cybersecurity sector. CIPnet, its membership program, is Canada’s most extensive network of cybersecurity stakeholders for critical infrastructure protection. Learn more at

In-Sec-M Media Contact

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CyberNB | CIPnet Media Contact

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