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In-Sec-M and Aero Montreal come together to improve cybersecurity for aerospace’s companies

How to make cybersecurity better when it comes to the aerospace field in Quebec ? That is the question the Cybersecurity Initiative, led by In-Sec-M in partnership with Aero Montreal, will answer in the next few months.

With this Cybersecurity Initiative, In-Sec-M and Aero Montreal want to make better tools to improve cyber resilience. Therefore, In-Sec-M members will offer their expertise to the companies which are going to take part in the initiative. 

The share of good practices, awareness events and the necessary training to get the right certifications will be provided. Companies that take part in this initiative will have access to a large range of training, either in individual or in groups, and to a great support of the CyberSécuritaire Canada and CMM (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification) update. Those specific certifications are more than necessary to comply with reglementations. 

Added to this training and support, comes also financial support. This will help develop a cyber resilience program and obtain the right certifications. Finally, this initiative offers tools to help monitor cybersecurity evolution. 

Companies based in Quebec and which have at least 30 % of their turnover in the Belle Province can take part in the Cybersecurity Initiative. The ministry of Economy and Innovation of Quebec (MEI) and the Canada economic development for Québec (DEC) regions have announced their support to this program.