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Cyberattack on employees: a practical solution for continuous security awareness

With the communications and information flow received on a daily basis, phishing scam attempts are becoming more frequent.

According to Scott Wright, founder and CEO of Click Armor Corp., “ Phishing is a kind of cybersecurity threat: it’s the biggest right now. In order to earn money or get access to sensitive information, malicious individuals install malware software such as ransomware by prompting employees to click on a link or attachment.”

Mr. Wright, who has about 20 years of experience in IT security by working at Entrust Inc. as a product manager, and several years in the Canadian federal government as a computer security consultant, decided to start Click Armor Corp. He was convinced after several years of research in the cybersecurity field that, despite many technical solutions intended to guard against cyberattacks, the risks still persist, and are growing even faster now. Mr. Wright realized that most business employees are clearly not prepared to face the risks the and act accordingly, despite the availability of online security awareness training programs; that was the beginning of Click Armor Corp.

As a cybersecurity company, Click Armor’s mission is to arm employees to better defend themselves against the threats in cyberspace, through simulation of risky situations in which they may be involved. Click Armor Corp. is a software platform that provides continuous security awareness for employees, to prepare them, and to improve their resistance in case of cyberattacks.

Click Armor’s uniqueness is in its innovative and interactive challenges that lead to engagement and behaviour change, as well as its evidence-based assessment and analytics for risk management of « human endpoints » by the C-suite.

What are the benefits of being a member of In-Sec-M?

According to Scott Wright, “ In-Sec-M represents small businesses in the cybersecurity sector by allowing them the opportunity to meet a larger clientele and the acquisition of the government market. It’s also working into enabling financial institution access, as well as a visibility in the media.”

2020 full of opportunities

In the restless battle with cyberattacks, Click Armor Corp. will continue to develop new programs including one called “Social engineering defence”, in response to the growing threat of “social engineering attacks.” These new forms of attacks are used by malicious individuals who impersonate Revenue Canada or other businesses, when contacting citizens to extort money from them.

In addition, Click Armor Corp. plans to develop new activities in partnership with distribution channels and service providers, as a complement to selling directly to businesses.

Although cybersecurity industry challenges are enormous, Scott Wright remains optimistic about the development of Click Armor, which in 2020 will conduct fundraising and investment campaigns to innovate much more, and to reach a wider range customers and services.

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