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Willis College: A Centennial Academy in Ontario

Founded in 1866, Willis College has proven itself through its commitment to professional training. With the desperate need for a workforce in the CyberSecurity industry, it has positioned itself as a critical supplier of talented industry experts. It was thus the first college in Canada to have its CyberSecurity Analyst program approved by the Canadian Armed Forces.

Willis College, a pioneer serving women and veterans

 Led by Mrs. Rima Aristocrat, first immigrant woman of Georgian origin, Willis College has embarked on CyberSecurity for six years in partnership with industry experts such as Sophos (UK), Fortinet (USA) and CheckPoint (ISR). To this end, programs are being developed in partnership with the Professional Development Institute of the University of Ottawa and MindBridge AI. As well, a scholarship of $25,000 is offered.

With its Veteran Friendly Transition Program (VFTP), Willis College, in collaboration with the Veterans Emergency Transition Service, is developing a unique CyberSecurity Analyst program. The unique program will help Veterans achieve a successful career after their release from the Canadian Armed Forces. As Ms. Aristocrat maintains, “they already have a security clearance, and they want to serve their country. ”

The challenges of Willis College in 2020

 Being the only CyberSecurity Academy in Canada, national expansion is underway in both official languages. Likewise, there is also talk of continuing to meet market demand, particularly for women and Veterans.

What are the advantages of being a member of In-Sec-M?

 As Ms. Aristocrat states, “being a member of In-sec-M allows us to reach Gatineau, to create relationships to work together. I met great people at In-Sec-M, and we can create a center of excellence together.”