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Good Teleworking Practices

The COVID-19 pandemic is currently causing major upheavals in the daily lives of businesses because the government measures put in place require a great deal of adaptability on their part. Telework is an alternative that several organizations have decided to set up in order to keep afloat certain activities essential to their survival. Working from home, however, requires good practices for both the employer and the employee.


  • Raise employee awareness of security risks and issues;
  • Designate resource people for all security-related questions;
  • Make sure to use secure Wi-Fi;
  • Apply two-factor authentication for access to workspaces;
  • Use collaboration software such as Slack or Teams;
  • Protect your sensitive data on your server and control access to it (prevent too many people from accessing it).


  • Avoid working with public Wi-Fi;
  • Continually update the antivirus;
  • Avoid saving any document on your hard drive (favor Onedrive, Google Drive);
  • Be wary of unusual emails (banking institutions for example);
  • Avoid opening any file whose source of the message seems unknown to you;
  • Make regular backups of your data.

These are some very simple tips. They will protect your organization securely.

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