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Sunphinx: Protecting Organizations’ Assets From Cyber Criminals

Since 2008, Sunphinx has been offering cybersecurity products and services to businesses in a variety of fields. Its founder and president, Patrick Jean-Baptiste, has more than twenty years of experience in telecommunications, including more than twelve in cybersecurity. He specializes in cloud computing, infrastructure, networks, consulting services and managed security services.

Located in Montreal, Sunphinx offers several tailor-made cybersecurity tools, with four different packages. “The customer chooses their plan, depending on the level of security they want to establish for their business. They have access to consulting services as well as IT services,” explains Jean-Baptiste.

 Why Did You Create Sunphinx?

Sunphinx was born because “a lot of companies don’t have in-house expertise to fight cyber attacks and don’t know the best practices in cybersecurity,” says Jean-Baptiste. Even today, “Hackers are constantly evolving using new schematics and technologies. The best way is to think in terms of when this will happen. Because a cyberattack will happen one day or another. Not having a plan is not a viable option. Being overconfident will cost you more in the long run,” explains the president in a post published this fall.

What is Sunphinx’s Specialty?

Sunphinx’s specialty is cybersecurity risk assessment—that is, determining the vulnerability level of an organization. With simulation services, organizations can get a complete picture of their environment, from an attacker’s perspective. Penetration testing, vulnerability and risk assessment, as well as web application assessment are covered. Based on this detailed portrait of the company’s cybersecurity maturity, an approach is adopted to minimize risks and increase resilience.

Any plans for the Future?

Sunphinx currently employs four full-time staff members, as well as numerous independent consultants for periodic projects. The company aims at carving out a place for itself in Quebec, Canada and the United States.

Has COVID-19 Affected Your Business?

“Not meeting the client in person is a challenge! Everything has been done via videoconference for almost a year now,” says the president. He also mentions that there is a lot to be done with respect to awareness. “When you show them that other similar companies have gone through a security incident which caused a loss, clients realize it can happen to them too,” he adds. Everything can now be done remotely, which is a big advantage for cybersecurity companies.

What Does Ut Mean to You to Be a Member of In-Sec-M?

Patrick Jean-Baptiste believes it is very important to have a cybersecurity ecosystem like In-Sec-M. “Before the pandemic, I would attend lots of meetings, conferences and seminars, and I found it very interesting to be in contact with companies that offer services similar to Sunphinx,” he concludes.


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