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Summer disconnection : unplug it all to better reconnect

Summer is coming and maybe your vacations too… Time off doesn’t mean work, not at all… In fact, vacations are the perfect occasion to rest and therefore, it is quite essential to disconnect completely from work. 

How to do it ? 

Put away your computer, your tablet, smartphone and maybe also your watch… Put away everything that reminds you of work. During your vacations, it is very important to take some time to think about what you really want to do… Which does not concern work.

Is there any activity that you would like to try ? Is there anything you didn’t have time to do during this year ? Sport is often forgotten while at work although it is very beneficial for everyone, as well as cooking or home improvement…. 

Why not make a wish list ? Enjoy free days and nights when you have time for yourself, without asking you too many questions and have strict hours to respect : this is the perfect way to let things go. Finally, to free your mind and to do nothing is also a good way to make a real disconnection.

Why is it important to do so ?

It’s only with these simple but healthy moves that the disconnection becomes real. With those, it is quite impossible to think back to your office. Vacations are time to rest, to escape and to try new things and activities, things you don’t have time for the rest of the year. 

After those few days or even weeks away from your office, far from your beloved colleagues and screens, you will feel much better, rested and positive about your job. As soon as you will get back to work, motivation will be much higher than before and that will please your boss, for sure. Total and summer disconnection helps to better reconnect at the end.

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