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Peace of mind in the digital world with Secure Exchanges

In the digital world in which we evolve, several personal traces are left there which can be used by third parties improperly. Therefore, a major issue arises in ensuring the confidentiality of data.

This is how Mr. Cédric Boivin, expert in the field of cybersecurity, sets up the Secure Exchanges company with the aim of securing the transfer of sensitive information in an optimal, efficient and affordable manner.

Secure Exchanges services

The company that develops several extensions, and which, among other things, integrates easily with the Microsoft Outlook client, or even Gmail via a chrome extension, protects confidential communications in both directions. It also offers an SDK (Software Development Kit) which allows the integration of Secure Exchanges with third-party solutions (CRM, KeePass, WordPress, Sharepoint, office 365 etc …). “The solution is thus integrated into different systems,” explains Mr. Boivin. In addition, it gives users the power to manage the confidentiality of data, insofar as each message uses a new symmetric encryption key. ”

Secure Exchanges works with several companies in various sectors such as financial, medical, legal institutions, accounting services, human resources, etc.

Why did you choose In-Sec-M

According to Mr. Boivin: ”In-Sec-M allows us to build relationships with companies in the cybersecurity sector, in addition to making ourselves visible.” In-Sec-M is a digital center of excellence funded by the Government of Quebec, which promotes the cybersecurity industry and enhances the innovation, marketing and growth capabilities of businesses in this area.

The challenges as a new business

Market development is the main challenge for Secure Exchanges. “Several investors and companies around the world have chosen to trust us, by using our products, explains Mr. Boivin. So marketing the product remains a challenge.”

Being on the lookout for attack trends in cyberspace, the Secure Exchanges team provides you with a solution adapted to your business reality.