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| CIS | Annual Cybersecurity & Identity Summit

At the Annual Cybersecurity & Identity Summit, Roberto Mazzolin, Chief Cyber Security strategist at the Rhea Group, will highlight key challenges facing governments, defence and industry using critical infrastructure to support complex cyber and space capabilities impacted by disruptive technologies and offer recommendations to improve protection of these systems through the RHEA developed CITEF capability.

His presentation Contemporary Considerations for Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security and Potential Solutions will be on April 27.

“The contemporary cyber threat manifests itself in many forms on a daily basis, explains Mr. Mazzolin. The collective accumulation of the variety of impacts from a myriad of cyber attacks across the breadth of infrastructure systems and services critical to the security, economic prosperity, and social well-being of the public could threaten our way of life and serve to drain western innovation, economy and commerce without reaching the threshold of triggering meaningful government and commercial response. Governments are beginning to appreciate the fragility of national infrastructures and the potential destructive effects of a cyber attack as 95 % of private networks are vulnerable and have already been penetrated.“

Robert Mazzolin is recently retired from the Canadian Armed Forces after serving as the Vice Director of Strategic Plans and Policy at United States Cyber Command at the National Security Agency in Fort Meade, Maryland, USA. He’s currently the Chief Cyber Security Strategist for the RHEA Group, a space system engineering and security organization delivering security solutions to large enterprises, governments and institutions in Europe and Canada.

“Potential solutions involve the employment of technology in the form of concurrent design, simulation and modelling in conjunction with next generation cyber ranges, enlightens Mr. Mazzolin. Such approaches are currently employed within the European Space and Defence organisations to address complex ‘system of systems’ technologies that comprise increasingly disruptive technologies. “

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