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Rivemont, a local company for your financial development

Contrary to what most people think, COVID-19 has not impacted investor returns expectations  in any way. According to a global survey made by Schroders Investment Management, ‘Investors expected an average return of 10.9% over the next five years. Investors in America had the highest expectations, forecasting returns of 13.2%. Europeans were less optimistic and expected returns of 9.4%. ’

How about you, are you ready to make the move?

If you are, Rivemont is here to support and advise you on the best options available to you.

About Rivemont?

Founded in 2010 in Gatineau by its president Mr. Martin Lalonde, Rivemont is a portfolio management firm aiming to offer innovative investment strategies. According to Mr. Lalonde: ‘being passionate about finance, I managed to have good returns for my family and myself during the 2008 market crisis. Afterwards, several people approached me, in order to help them manage their assets, and it was the decisive moment for me to officially  get into the financial markets: to become a portfolio manager. ’

Apart passion, Mr. Lalonde holds a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) from the University of Ottawa, a specialization in international trade from the École supérieure de commerce de Reims, in France and the CFA designation.

What are your services?

At Rivemont, you will find the solutions that works for you, as the services are well thought out and personalized according to customers needs.

These services can be divided into two main sections:

  1. The private management service which is personalized according to the needs of the client, to build the most suitable portfolio.
  2. Alternative fund management, a return that is not correlated to the one in the stock markets, but on investment decisions. This component includes everything that is cryptocurrencies, micro-capitalization and absolute return.

Why have you decided to become a member of In-Sec-M?

Besides the obligation to comply with regulations in terms of cybersecurity, Martin Lalonde states that ‘I have a great interest in updating and equipping myself with performant technology. In Addition, as a strong supporter of local participation, I decided to become a member of a local organization; Rivemont is also a way of promoting local management by locals. ’

Mr. Lalonde reiterates his satisfaction with In-Sec-M by affirming that: ‘the most important benefits for me are in terms of information and networking, as well as the opportunity to be aware of new developments in cybersecurity to better secure our financial institution. ’

Ultimately, without any negative impact on their operations despite COVID-19, Rivemont is ready to face new challenges such as ensuring customer development and business growth.

In the meantime, be sure to check out their Rivemont in the media to learn more about the opportunities that lie ahead.

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