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Quebec government supports the In-Sec-M program to improve cybersecurity 

The cybersecurity cluster will receive financial support of more than 3,5 millions canadian dollars to continue its actions against cyber criminality. 

With this financial support, the Quebec government wants to help In-Sec-M build a project that aims to have a better cybersecurity system and datas protection for small and medium companies. 

The whole project  is estimated to be around 6,7 millions of canadian dollars. 3500 companies are going to take part in different trainings, either in group or individually, to raise their awareness when it comes to cybersecurity. 

1500 small and medium companies could benefit from specialized advice about good practices in the cybersecurity field and about the protection of their personal information. Finally, 25000 companies could self monitor their maturity degree with an online platform.

According to the government, this project fits in the new Law of modernization of legislatives dispositions about personal datas protection, which has been recently adopted in Québec. Mathieu Lacombe, minister of the Family, the Outaouais region and the Papineau representative, says he is happy about this support to In-Sec-M, cluster is based in Gatineau. “ And which is one of the actors that help improve the cybersecurity field everywhere in the country. I’m happy to see that this project will help many small and medium size companies to improve their performances and competitiveness thanks to a better management of the risks associated with cybersecurity and digital transformation “ , he said.

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