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PCI : improving your cybersecurity maturity

Canada, like many countries around the world, is going through uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Facing this situation, businesses and individuals alike continue to develop have new ways to adapt. This is why Stefan Timotijevic, a technology enthusiast with over twelve years of experience in the field of technology and cybersecurity, has developed strategies within his PCI company created in 2019 in Montreal, in order to increase the level of cybersecurity maturity of companies.

What are your services?

With its approach focused on supporting businesses, PCI offers a complete service to secure its business partners at 360 degrees; from the creation of the governance framework and its roadmap, to compliance with legal or regulatory obligations, to the implementation of a cybersecurity resilience strategy. As per Stefan: “with a pragmatic approach, we manage to secure our business partners while facilitating their daily work, so that they can focus on their core business. Most companies have often complex security features that employees end up bypassing. At PCI, we find the right way to help them do their jobs securely, but also to be resilient in case of potential attacks.”

How Did You Experience the Impact of COVID-19

Having seen the light of day a few months before the beginning of the pandemic in Canada, PCI had already acquired markets in Canada and the United States. Thus, faced with COVID-19, Stefan maintains: “I was already working in virtual mode and we were ready with strategies already deployed in sectors of activity that have a real need, in particular retail and medical teleconsultation. With the reality of confinement, remote employees and those who consume from their homes, companies have come to realize the importance of reconsidering their cybersecurity strategy.”

What are your expectations as a member of In-Sec-M?

As a non-profit organization, In-Sec-M is the concrete response of the Canadian ecosystem to the observed trend look elsewhere for solutions to our cybersecurity problems. Consequently, Stefan considers that joining such an organization is only beneficial for the influence of the cybersecurity sector in Quebec and internationally. In addition, he reiterates his desire to “develop an approach that allows him to forge links with other members, in order to seize opportunities together”.

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