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OKIOK: a global pioneer in cybersecurity

The little story of the company

OKIOK’s origins date back to the 1970s. The company was founded by Robert Walsh, Claude Vigeant’s father-in-law, who now heads the company. In its early days, OKIOK supported the sale of computer products in the Canadian market. “In the late 1970s, my wife and I graduated from university as engineers. We joined the company, which gradually transformed OKIOK”, says Vigeant. In the early 1980s, the first IBM PCs appeared. At the request of a customer, the team created an encryption card to protect data on floppy disks and hard drives. “It was the beginning of cybersecurity. Finally, even if this client has never bought the famous card, it allowed us to develop our expertise!” adds Mr. Vigeant.

Today, OKIOK is pushing the boundaries of innovation in cybersecurity, an ever-evolving field. She is distinguished by her experience and focused expertise, leading to product development and high-level services in governance and information protection. The company operates primarily in the areas of finance, healthcare, media, energy, gambling and lotteries, and manufacturing.

“We have a great team, not yet large enough! There are 43 permanent employees and around twenty specialized contract workers, so more than 60 people work with us”, explains the president of the company, whose head office is located in Laval.

Specialized products and services

OKIOK has two flagship products. S-FILER allows secure file transfer at very large volumes. “Our customers, including the Canadian Space Agency, use it to exchange hundreds of thousands of files a day. The data is protected from end to end”, specifies Mr. Vigeant. As for RAC / M Identity, which generates a lot of interest in Quebec, it allows identity management. “Basically, we make sure that the right access is given to the right people.”

The team also provides targeted professional services, including penetration testing and vulnerability scans. The president of OKIOK explains: “We help companies assess their maturity, reduce risk, and ultimately recover from an incident. We help them improve their resilience.”

Plans for the future?

Cybersecurity is a global issue that transcends borders. OKIOK therefore wishes to expand its international presence, especially in terms of its products and solutions. “We always rely on the quality of our expertise and our reputation. In 2021 and 2022, we aim to gain ground with our identity management products, particularly in the United States.”

How did you experience the impact of COVID?

For OKIOK, despite the pandemic, 2020 has been a good year, both in terms of products and services. “If traditionally, customers insisted that the work be done on site, COVID has shown that we have the same effectiveness from a distance! It shows us that we can definitely offer outsourced services, “said the engineer.

Why is it important for OKIOK to be a member of In-Sec-M?

The company benefits from being a member of In-Sec-M for two main reasons: the team can participate in workshops and events on cutting-edge sectors, and have networking opportunities.

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