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October: Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month

Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month is an international campaign to raise awareness of the importance of cyber security. This year, the campaign prioritizes the protection of our electronic devices.

“It’s a matter of raising awareness so that the public and businesses can question their use of technology, password management, etc., explains Antoine Normand, president of In-Sec-M. In the midst of a pandemic, this year’s goal is to keep them safe online, showing them simple ways to protect themselves, their families, their workplaces and their electronics. Every employee who connects by telecommuting is a potential entry point for a computer breach. The work environment depends on the hygiene of each person and the quality of the protection network in their home. Maybe it’s the teenager’s computer on the same network that is the problem, and not necessarily the government employee. ”

Each week, Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month will feature a topic related to cybersecurity. In the short term, attend the conference on October 1-2 to kick off the activities for the Month. In the longer term, In-Sec-M is participating in the establishment of the national digital identity laboratory to allow Canadian industry to test its solutions.