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New Year, New Cybersecurity Resolutions

If there is one place that we haven’t stopped frequenting for the past few years, it is virtual space. The year 2021 will have given us many examples of the importance of protecting your computer data. As proof, the Quebec government has even created a Ministry of Cybersecurity and Digital. Ministry which took office on the first day of this new year (1)!

Who says new year also says resolutions. We give you some good practice suggestions to get started on the right foot.

We will not repeat it often enough, a password, like a toothbrush, must be changed several times a year. Prioritize multi-factor authentication, an industry standard. This allows you to better protect your personal information. How? ‘Or’ What? You must provide at least two pieces of evidence that it is indeed you trying to hook up.

It is also a good idea to check all the gadgets that have Internet access at home, such as some printers, smartwatches or even our cell phones … This is called the Internet of Things. Experts suggest not to leave passwords in our notebooks, for example.

If you’re running a business, invest in cybersecurity features, especially if your employees work from home. It’s about not only putting in place tools that allow them to work securely (like VPNs), but also providing them with the training they need to be equipped to spot cyberthreats.

There is also a Canadian government tool for small and medium-sized businesses that allows you to monitor the status of online protection (2). This tool is developed and offered by the Canadian Center for Cyber ​​Security (CCC).

It may also be time to invest in obtaining the trust services of private companies whose expertise is in protecting data online.
It may be a good idea to hire an IT manager who can guide you through implementing a cybersecurity plan.

Regardless, we are doing more and more business online, and it is essential to devote the time to it and to invest a little in your digital health.

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