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NeoLore Networks, knight of Cybersecurity

With sword and shield, NeoLore Networks takes on the enemies of cybersecurity to defend the corporate kingdom.

“You don’t win the war on crime, but rather fight it every day. It’s the same with cybersecurity.” Information technology company NeoLore Networks Inc. promises an all-inclusive, high-performance cybersecurity service.

For this Ontario-based company, security issues related to computer networks are too often neglected. “Do you have a security policy in place for your IT? Do you know if you have been attacked or if some of your data has been leaked?

Besides the traditional services provided with all types of media, NeoLore Networks’ teams offer two protection and defence tools: an endpoint protection platform as well as a detection and response platform.

How Does It Work?

Antivirus software is no longer sufficient for the challenges of the 21st century: NeoLore Networks has recognized this fact and created the platforms. The first is an armour against attacks. It identifies and blocks system vulnerabilities, but also prevents attacks.

  • Passive protection that provides immunity against known and unknown attacks;
  • Use of various tools to ensure good protection: signature matching, data inspection, behavioural analysis to filter out malicious behaviour, etc.;
  • Stabilization of the company’s security architecture.

The second platform is the sword of the cybersecurity soldier. Using artificial intelligence, the programme traces the origins of cyberattacks to eliminate them. This tool involves:

  • Active protection with the premise that an attack has already taken place and helps security teams gather information to find an appropriate response;
  • Automatic response to block certain actions;
  • Real-time attack alerts and analysis to address them.

NeoLore provides comprehensive protection to its clients and saves them from having to choose between different defence strategies. The company is involved in all aspects of the business.

NeoLore Does It All

Fighting cyberattacks requires weapons and shields, but without a process, it’s pointless. That’s why NeoLore Networks has also designed a real plan for its clients to help them counter the threats. It consists of 5 key phases:

  • Identification of risks and vulnerabilities already present in the organization and its network;
  • Setting up protections to limit or prevent attacks;
  • Implementation of a network monitoring system to know if an attack is coming;
  • If an attack occurs, NeoLore finds its source, limits the damage and fights it;
  • After an attack, a backup and improvement plan is put in place.

With these tools and processes, NeoLore Networks aims to become the cybersecurity knight in shining armour, so clients can sleep soundly.