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MS Solutions: Prevention rather than Cure

For more than 30 years, MS Solutions has been helping organizations undergo a digital transformation. The company helps them become more productive and secure by providing them with its information technology resources. To ensure quality service, MS Solutions has only one philosophy: anticipate the risks to better face them. Bernard Deprés, partner and director of the security and audit practice at MS Solutions, discusses this strategy.

In-Sec-M: What are the challenges of cybersecurity in 2022 according to you?

Bernard Deprès: The traditional concept of cybersecurity is mainly based on trust, verification and the fact that everything used to be concentrated in one place: the office. In 2022, that’s not nearly enough. That’s why the “Zero Trust” concept has a philosophy of never trusting and redoubling vigilance and verification. Since the pandemic, the “office” is no longer limited to the company’s headquarters… Living room, bedroom, coffee shop, shared workspace are the new workplaces and access points to the company’s network. Therefore, it is essential to secure the computer parks to be prepared for all eventualities. Hyper-security is the key word. To do this, the computer security solutions are multiplying and superimposed in order to guarantee an optimal security. The time when we subscribed to an antivirus in order to have peace of mind is well and truly over!

In-Sec-M: How does MS Solutions contribute to cybersecurity?

Bernard Deprès: MS Solutions provides a lot of free content to make its community aware of the risks related to cybersecurity. We try, as best we can, to be avant-garde. We try to anticipate the needs of our customers by encouraging companies to invest in prevention. This way, it avoids having to resort to remediation, which can be much more costly.

In-Sec-M: How do you put people at the heart of your services? Why is this important?

Bernard Deprès: Cybercriminals are more and more aware of how they can manipulate people to achieve their goals. In fact, human error is the main cause of 95% of cybersecurity breaches. In this dynamic, it seems essential to us to place the human being at the heart of our services by being present in every circumstance to provide our knowledge and assistance. One of the objectives we have set ourselves is to make users aware of the risks and to share good practices with them by appealing to everyone’s vigilance.

In-Sec-M: Why did you join In-Sec-M?

Bernard Deprès: Joining In-Sec-M allows us to join the vast cybersecurity community. Unity is strength and we hope to multiply the chances to make a difference in the face of cybercrime.

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