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METTCARE Technologies: Towards a new approach to cybersecurity, Internet communications and digital identity

Small businesses just as much as government can face continuous digital data security challenges. Toronto-based METTCARE Technologies Inc. is revolutionizing cybersecurity and communications with its new Trustus technologies. Unified secure Internet communications make it possible for organizations to trust Internet communications for the safeguard of private and confidential data.

Eva Grossman, co-founder of METTCARE, gives us a quick overview.

In-Sec-M: What are the main solutions offered by METTCARE Technologies?

We are digital data experts, providing next-generation proactive solutions to protect digital identities in all online communications from edge devices to web servers and applications. All industries can benefit from our SaaS, as we all rely on the Internet to communicate. The need for the intranet to limit risk is in the past. The goal is to secure, protect and simplify continuous communications, no matter where you are and from any end point device or thing.

Trustus technologies are available in several versatile and scalable solutions, such as:

  • TrustusACCESS for Unified Secure Internet communications (USIC) that drive online behaviour.
  • TrustusREDBOX for data storage using unique randomized and portal technologies that secure everything.
  • TrustusCA certificate authority for complete password-less identity management with x.509 security certificates, cryptographic keys, automated onboarding and certificate lifecycle management which drive the digital identity of everything (DIoE) for democratizing the availability of safe transfers of information over the Internet.

In short, we move, store, identify, authenticate, authorize and protect the valuable data of small and large businesses as well as governments.

In-Sec-M: What sets you apart in cybersecurity?

To my knowledge, we are probably the only ones to have developed this cutting-edge technology, which affects communications, cybersecurity and privacy in such a unified manner. Namely, we are the first to successfully deliver randomized storage for the protection of all critical digital assets.

Our team is exceptionally creative and highly experienced, driving human and machine behaviour using x.509 certificates and PKI. This, too, is a first. We have achieved success by uniquely converting human behaviour into machine logic. Not an easy feat I can assure you.

Thanks to a global vision, we can now protect and secure the data ecosystem of an organization from A to Z. Our way of doing things adheres to international and Canada’s highest security and privacy standards to reach a large community of users at home and internationally.

Ultimately, our approach isn’t just for large users; we found a way to democratize our technologies and make them accessible to small companies.

In-Sec-M: How can In-Sec-M support your business?

In-Sec-M creates an incredible point of convergence between the various companies working in the field of cybersecurity: we can meet, brainstorm, share projects and business opportunities.

Besides, I don’t think you can be successful in a bubble. You have to surround yourself with a group with similar aspirations, set goals and empower yourself to offer something new.

How to get there? It is not enough to offer a solution. You have to listen to the needs and perspectives of customers.

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