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IPtoki, a Solution for your Digital Identity Security

When it comes to cybersecurity, many people think they are safe from any threat with an anti-virus protection system. Unfortunately, with threats becoming more sophisticated and insidious, it is important to protect our personal data and intellectual property, which are as valuable as money in the bank.

It is based on this observation that the company IPtoki, co-founded in 2018 by Georges Gyenizse, has set itself the task of managing intellectual property in the cultural field, starting with that of music. Since 2019, IPtoki has broadened its field of expertise in the development of a digital solution allowing the management of digital identity through the use of smartphones and the detection of biometric behaviors.

As Georges Gyenizse affirms: “by partnering with ÉTS (UQAM) and CRIM, our team specialized in the field offers innovative solutions based on machine learning (IA), blockchain, and all that is detection potential intrusion, and countermeasures on smartphones. And, thanks to deep learning algorithms, we are able to determine a unique signature for each individual. ”

What future for IPtoki?

For Georges Gyenizse: “As a new company in the field of cybersecurity, we have just qualified for two Prompt programs: the Quebec cybersecurity innovation program (PICQ) and the Innovation-IA program. With this support, we will develop two distinct sectors: the cross-border transport sector as well as that of financial services for a period of 24 months. ”

What do you think of the virtual networking activity between Canada and the Netherlands?

“As a first virtual initiative, I would say it was very productive, and the presentations were very interesting. I came into contact with four companies, which I could afford to develop, eventually, opportunities, and even expansion in Europe. It wasn’t a waste of time! ”

What are your expectations at In-Sec-M?

“I’m a new member, so I haven’t had the opportunity to participate in many activities. However, although I do not expect In-Sec-M to negotiate contracts for me, I would like them to support me and guide me on avenues, partnership, etc., for the national and international development of IPtoki.’’

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