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InnoSecur: for a far-sighted and resilient society

An ecosystem in civil and public safety, InnoSecur has been an independent non-profit organization since 2018, based in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. A true engine of innovation, it fosters the emergence of partnerships to meet the growing needs for the security of communities, people and property. Its field of action is at the regional, national and international levels.

Ms. Erica Zoia, co-founder and director of business development, explains that InnoSecur contributes to the development, marketing and use of solutions for a safe living environment, conducive to sustainable development in Quebec and Canada, from a perspective global. “We are creating a bridge between the needs of the community, first and second line actors, research centers, businesses and the various levels of government. We encourage the realization of products and services that improve prevention and resilience. ”

For example, regarding natural disasters, InnoSecur supports the creation of products to prevent, protect or fight against floods, pandemics, forest fires, to name a few. The organization is involved in everything related to the equipment and technologies used by first and second line responders (law enforcement, civil security, military, health services, private security and rescue organizations), whether whether in vehicles, communication systems or specialized equipment. We are also trying to facilitate the interoperability of organizations during major events.
InnoSecur: a strong network

The organization rallies a vast network of partners in the field of security. Some are looking for new products or services. Others have the ability to do the research needed to develop suitable solutions. In a spirit of collaboration, InnoSecur therefore enables local companies to accelerate the marketing of innovative products and to benefit from national and international partnerships to facilitate access to various markets.

What about COVID-19 in all of this?

For InnoSecur, pandemics were already a major issue, before the arrival of the coronavirus. “Currently, the most difficult thing is above all the lack of proximity to our members, which also poses development challenges,” explains Ms. Zoia.

She emphasizes that it is particularly important to work hand in hand with In-Sec-M on cybersecurity issues, in particular because the Quebec and Canadian markets are small: “We do not want to duplicate efforts with public finances; you have to be efficient ”.

Upcoming projects?

InnoSecur recently signed an agreement with SAFE Cluster (France), opening up several possibilities for collaboration on these issues:

– Risk management and smart resilience (resilience of communities and people during and after a natural and technological disaster)
– Security forces (equipment and technologies used by frontline workers)
– Security of major events (Olympic Games in 2024, FIFA World Cup in Canada in 2026)

To conclude, Ms. Zoia aspires to consolidate InnoSecur’s support approach and promote its influence. She underlines the quality of its board of directors and wishes to thank In-Sec-M and the various partners for their trust, their availability and the opportunities for collaboration.

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