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In-Sec-M’s international missions

In-Sec-M’s international missions: High-flying business opportunities

To develop technological and innovation partnerships and increase Canadian exports of cybersecurity products and services to goal markets, In-Sec-M regularly organizes strategic trade missions.

Italy, Singapore, France and Israel are just some of the destinations available to explore unparalleled development opportunities.  Thanks to his privileged connection with strategic players and major clients, and the commercial delegates abroad, In-Sec-M can support your international expansion plans.

Each year, these trade missions allow Canadian SMEs, representatives of research centers, sector support organizations, and various government organizations to expand their activities, develop strategic partnerships, and promote Canadian expertise on an international scale, while increasing investment opportunities in Canada.

Why participate?

  • Access to key players in the international cybersecurity ecosystem
  • Opportunities to create export partenerships
  • Benefit from the support of In-Sec-M and its efficient network for the development of new markets and technological and innovation partnerships
  • Have access to strategic industry information.
  • Increase your visibility and promote your expertise

Did you know that…

To obtain financial support for travel, companies and research organizations can check their eligibility for the following programs:

Upcoming missions

Details of upcoming missions

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