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In-Sec-M : why becoming a member?

You would like to create a competitive and internationally well-known cybersecurity industry in Canada ? You only have one thing to do : become an In-Sec-M member. 

Increasing cohesion and competitiveness of the cybersecurity industry in Canada, at the country’s scale as well as worldwide : that is In-Sec-M’s goal. The cluster keeps on pursuing it since 2017. It counts companies, training and research establishments, and also government actors which work together to achieve this goal.

You, as an In-Sec-M member, will participate in promoting the cybersecurity’s industry and to increase its innovation abilities, commercialisation and growth of the companies. As a small and medium company, it’s also the guarantee to have access to services and advices in the cybersecurity field. 

As an In-Sec-M member, it is the assurance to be part of a Canadian structure, bilingual, capable of speaking in private as well as in public. Furthermore, you are part of a fast-growing environment. Why ? Because you are side to side with big and interesting actors of the cybersecurity ecosystem. You help them as much as they support you. You are not alone in front of hackers anymore.

You, In-Sec-M member, are still doubting ? Here are some examples of the few realizations that maybe will help you to make the right decision… 

In-Sec-M has helped its members to get at least fifty mandates in cybersecurity, In-Sec-M organizes different events related to cybersecurity every year and finally, the cluster takes part in various international development market’s initiatives. 

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