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In-Sec-M now has 65 members

About 20 members have joined In-Sec-M’s cybersecurity cluster this year. Nicolas Duguay, Business Development Director at In-Sec-M: “We now have members in seven Canadian provinces, for a total of 65 members. We are the bridge between supply and demand in cybersecurity.”

The benefits of being part of a cybersecurity team are many:

  • Having a file card that outlines your solutions and your organization in the In-Sec-M directory to showcase your expertise to contractors;
  • Being a potential provider for cybersecurity consulting services for clients at the National Research Centre of Canada’s Industrial Research Assistance Program (NRC IPAR);
  • Obtaining design and implementation support for your research and development projects;
  • Obtaining support to develop new markets through our unique relationships with major Canadian contractors and trade commissioners specialized in ICT abroad;
  • Having support to promote your cybersecurity innovations;
  • Taking part in consortiums and sectoral projects;
  • Participating in key events, workshops and trade missions that meet YOUR needs;
  • Accessing strategic industry information (watch).

Would you like to be part of In-Sec-M? Contact us at