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In-Sec-M at Forensik

On November 20th and 21st, In-Sec-M attended the Forensik conference at the Centre Mont-Royal where high-level speakers and experts in the field of cyber risk management and response were gathered to discuss cyber dangers.

A conference entitled Ça commence toujours par un courriel ! (It starts with just one email!) was given by a member organization, ZEROSPAM, and focused on new methods used by cyber criminals to infiltrate organizations. The real-life incidents that were presented during this conference were pulled from the company’s high-volume of daily emails. Several cyber attack scenarios were assessed, and preventative and corrective measures were discussed, enabling participants to be better equipped to respond to the risks associated with emails and to mitigate their impact.

Our partner member Qohash also offered a presentation entitled Intégration de la cybersécurité dans les stratégies d’utilisations de la donnée et la stratégie d’entreprise (Integrating cyber security in your data usage and company strategy). According to conference speaker Guy Veilleux, the real issue is the absence of company-wide strategies that deal with the challenges of cyber security, especially concerning organizational governance. Veilleux also discussed the existing parallels between his military experience, his lessons in strategy implementation, and the challenges faced by organizations today.

Terranova Security was also a partner member of this event.