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IDStacks, a complete and robust solution to keep you safe

Cloud-based systems are increasingly popular with many companies because of easier data flow while minimizing intrusion risk. While some vulnerabilities still exist, IT security experts find effective and appropriate solutions to protect consumers from any cyberattacks. That is the mission of IDStacks, a company co-founded in 2017 by Mr. Nicolas Seigneur.

As an IT engineer, Mr. Seigneur has more than ten years of experience in IT security consulting, during which he worked with large financial institutions in Canada and the United States.

Tell us about IDStacks

Specializing in identity and access management (IAM) in the cloud, IDStacks offers a turnkey solution to companies, allowing them to leverage our Cloud Infrastructure through our Platform as a Service or Identity as a Service. As mentioned by Mr. Seigneur: “the deployment of an IAM platform involves major challenges including a high level of system availability, as well as the security around the system to ensure the generation, management and rotation of secrets and sensitive information. Most of the time, several companies buy licences at a cost of millions of dollars, and a few months later, we realize that the software is not 100% functional. Given these situations, our platform and expertise to help companies get the most out of their investment, and focus on their core businesses.”

How do you differentiate yourself in the market?

With the rapid growth of the cybersecurity sector in Quebec and in Canada in general, the survival of a company depends, on the one hand, on its differentiation strategy. In this perspective, IDStacks stands out for the quality of its services adapted to the needs of its customers, but also, as Mr. Seigneur explains so well, “we work closely with partners who are software suppliers, with products credible, reliable, and already a market leader such as hybrid cloud and new technologies around GIA. Our approach is not a cookie-cutter, we want to be more like “trusted advisers “, in order to allow our customers to acquire the full potential, to support them, to give them resources, for an adapted cloud transition; we focus on agility and speed without changing the applications on the computer.”

How did you experience the first phase of COVID-19?

For Mr. Seigneur: “The first phase of Covid-19 did not have a big stake for us, as IDStacks had been in virtual mode for years. However, given the impact on some businesses, we have lost a customer in the aerial transportation industry who was forced to terminate contracts. Despite this, I think the biggest challenge has been the increasing demands and the short deadline windows for cloud-based services. Otherwise we were well aligned from the start to meet the challenges.”

What is the importance of being a member of In-Sec-M?

Like so many other members of In-Sec-M, IDStacks has joined according to Mr. Seigneur: “ to have an opportunity to forge links with leaders in the sector in Quebec, to stay abreast of new technologies, but also to get in touch with potentially governmental companies to work on new emerging initiatives. ”

Ultimately, although the digital cloud sparked legitimate security fears in its early days, it is clear that only innovation, the determination of IT experts and education in good IT behaviour could protect us from cybercriminals.

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