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F8th, protecting your privacy

F8th Inc.

Founded in Toronto, Ontario by Jonathan Gagne in 2019 and then expanded in Montreal Quebec, the new main location, F8th Inc. has partnered with several key players to provide banks, governments and corporations a revolutionary behavioural biometry based continuous authentication. Today, there is no reliable way to detect and prevent account or session takeover and insider threats. This is what F8th continuous authentication does very well, without using any sensitive information.

With a frictionless design and a seamless user-experience, F8th Inc. plans to be the next leading technology enabler for e-privacy legislation and rights, establishing itself as the ‘next generation’ of cybersecurity and e-privacy solutions.

Jonathan Gagne:

Jonathan Gagne is a technology evangelist who has dedicated his life to building world-class cyber security systems using artificial intelligence technologies to protect applications, platforms and identities for corporations and individuals around the world.

Currently Chairman and CEO of F8th Inc, Jonathan founded the company in 2019 in Toronto, ON, Canada to create artificial intelligence based BBA (behavioural biometric analysis) tools and cyber security systems. He has partnered with world leading cloud providers such as IBM and Amazon to bring innovative technologies to market.

Vivene Salmon:

Vivene Salmon holds the esteemed position of Co-Founder and Chief Legal Officer at F8th Inc., a company known for its groundbreaking behavioural-based biometry solution. This innovative technology, utilized in products like Continuous Authentication and One-Click Authentication, passively and transparently monitors user interactions with their devices, such as mouse movement and keyboard cadence. Vivene Salmon’s expertise in the field, coupled with machine learning algorithms, enables the creation of biometric profiles to detect and prevent account and session takeovers, web bot attacks, insider threats, and employee time theft in real-time.

With a specialization in securities, financial services, compliance, privacy, and governance, Vivene Salmon is a seasoned legal professional. Her experience includes extensive public speaking engagements, interviews, and being featured in reputable publications. Notably, Vivene Salmon has served as the Past President of the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) and has held the position of Chair of the CBA Board of Directors.