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F8th, protecting your privacy

With the technological advancements that are changing our daily lives, several issues are being brought up such as user privacy protection. To facing this challenge, solutions are being recommended by experts in cybersecurity. That’s the aim of F8th company founded in Toronto by Jonathan Gagne, president and cybersecurity professional, and Samuel Lemay, chief commercial officer and international affairs specialist who has extensive experience in the banking field.

How is F8th positioned itself in the market?

F8th works in collaboration with cybersecurity service providers, as well as companies in various sectors. Their solutions are based on behavioral biometrics, which is an analysis of the keyboard, mouse and device input to authenticate users based on their unique movements to create an additional component that can be added in their existing services. As Mr. Gagne says, “after working in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), I realized the opportunities to develop tools capable of increasing security based on non-sensitive tools (the movements of a mouse, keyboard, touch screen, etc.)”.

“AI distinguishes between users, even if they used the same information, says Mr. Lemay. So if information like passwords, etc. are stolen, no one can access sensitive data.”

What is the F8th clients profil ?

In collaboration with more than eighty institutions from various sectors, F8th works with IBM, Amazon and Samsung, in addition to being in negotiations with multinationals on an international level, such as SAP in Germany, as well as a video games company in Korea.

What prompted you to be a member of In-Sec-M?

According to Mr. Lemay: “we like to collaborate with partners in the cybersecurity field. Therefore, In-Sec-M is a suitable organization for us, and joining them is a way of demonstrating our willingness to combine our technology with others Canadian companies that work in the same field.”

For his part, Mr Gagne affirms that “as Quebecers, it is a pleasure for us to partner with Quebec companies, insofar as In-Sec-M is a leader in cybersecurity, and Quebec a leader in supporting cybersecurity.”

In sum, F8th or ‘Faith,’ whose name brings to mind the layer 8, term used to refer to a “user” on the OSI model of computer networking, continues its rise with tailor-made solutions for all technologies due to AI; to the effect that protection of technology relies on the technology itself.


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