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In-Sec-M/NATO Workshop for Canadian Companies

Join us!

15 October 2020

In collaboration with NATO and the Ministry of National Defense, In-Sec-M is organizing, on October 15, its first workshop dedicated to demystifying the process of purchasing and acquiring cybersecurity technologies and services.

A representative from NCIA, NATO’s primary C3 capability and cybersecurity provider, will present the structure, explain how to do business with the NCIA, where to gather relevant information and who to contact. The Canadian Defense Liaison Officer at NATO will also be present to explain his role with the Atlantic Alliance. A question-and-answer session will follow.

This virtual presentation, open to all Canadian companies and organizations, whether they are members of In-Sec-M or not, will equip participants for the next NITEC, which will also be held virtually on November 4 and 5. NITEC is NATO’s big annual event to take stock of its specific needs. A must have for anyone who wants to register as a supplier with NATO.

For all the details, contact directly Nicolas Duguay at (514) 914-2785 or by email: