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In-Sec-M Workshop: Smart Cities, digital identities and cybersecurity

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17 December 2019

Le Camp, Québec

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The complex organizations of municipalities are turning massively to technology to improve services to their citizens and to take the inevitable digital shift. While the positive impacts of such a revolution are no longer to be demonstrated, the fact remains, and the news continues to remind us, that municipal governments still struggle to face the challenge posed by this new reality. in cybersecurity.

In collaboration with Quebec International, Le Camp and Prompt, the National Cybersecurity Cluster, In-Sec-M, is offering an inventory of the state of the art, cyber security needs and industry solutions and the innovators, to bring together those who have the challenges and those who have the solutions.


  • Better identify issues related to cybersecurity and discover the needs related to the municipal sector, specifically in terms of smart cities and digital identity;
  • Identify and promote Québec cybersecurity solutions adapted to this specific sector.


11:30: Reception, registration and networking

12: 00-12: 45: Lunch and Learn: Preserving a Strong Digital Identity: Challenges and Solutions

12:45 pm to 1:30 pm: Concrete Citizen Service “ID” for Your Smart City.

Why procrastinate when there are quick wins at your fingertips? Use cases where digital identity is the cornerstone to your transformation into a digital, accessible and intelligent city.

1:30 pm to 2:30 pm: Presentations of 6 innovative solutions for the cybersecurity ecosystem for the municipal sector

14h30 to 15h30: Networking