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ECM Space Consulting: a bridge between advanced technologies and the business world

ECM Space Consulting is an international company providing a wide range of services and solutions in recruitment, training, project management and service delivery in the fields of information technology and engineering. It is part of a group of companies, such as ECM Space Academy, EXOLAUCH and German Orbital Systems, and has been in business for over ten years now.

Based in Ottawa since 2018, the North American division has resource centers in Canada and the United States. The director, Evgenia Pavlova, a professional in human resources and business development, underlines that ECM Space Consulting, “it is more than 150 projects and an international experience in 13 countries and 20 cities! We have partnerships with 150 universities, 100 suppliers, and 50 associations. Over time, we have become a benchmark and have earned the reputation of being a reliable and long-term collaborator with our clients.”

ECM Space Consulting is the first trade company within its industry, offering a full cycle of consulting services, from an idea to the analytical data on your screen. Customers benefit from start-to-finish support – identifying business needs that can be solved with technology to the final solution.

In short, “we are creating a bridge between the world of high technology and the world of business,” says Pavlova. ECM Space Consulting mainly focuses on the fields of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, IIoT and IoT, IT infrastructure and aerospace engineering.

A recruitment hub to support SMEs

One of ECM Space Consulting’s projects is a high-efficiency recruiting center, with free services for small and medium-sized businesses. The aim is to support SMEs in their development and growth, with the help of talented and motivated students and young professionals, in accordance with the needs of clients in terms of smart recruitment, technical assistance, project administration, content management, etc.

Currently, ECM Space Consulting is collaborating with In-Sec-M, with the aim of creating connections with suppliers for its projects. “The pandemic complicates things a bit. Of course, it’s a little harder to just network virtually. Before, we could meet. Many of our future projects will take place in Canada,” adds Ms. Pavlova.

For more information, you can visit ECM Space Consulting’s ITSWAP platform, where you can find a host of online resources.

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