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Cybersecurity : no one can go without it

All companies, in every field, can be targeted by a cyber attack at some point. Everyone is at risk and needs to be careful. 

Statistics show that cyberattacks are bountiful, tend to be more frequent and target every fields of the industry as well as small and big companies according to Fehmi Jaffar, teacher at the mathematics and informatics department of the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi (UCAC) in the Informeaffaires online newspaper. 

To fight against that, the expert recommends adopting good practices and simple measures. He adds that every company can protect itself against hackers and that it doesn’t matter the size of the company. Fehmi Jaafar explains that every problem is quite easy to solve with simple solutions. For example : a good training for employees, to follow the reglementation to secure client’s datas or even to make sure that equipment and softwares are as safe as possible. 

In order to avoid paying for ransomware, companies could store their most important datas in a safe place. Another way could be to encrypt sensitive information so hackers can’t use it even though they gain access to it. 

The university encourages companies to be aware of potential risks that come from their own employees. By misunderstanding, ignorance or malice, an incident arrives quickly. The expert believes it is better to implement systems inside the company which helps to warn when there are irregularities, like connections at weird times or from somewhere unusual.

All of these actions will help companies to exist and to do business. Data’s protection is essential today, in a world where everything comes across computers and the Internet. Fehmi Jaafar insists on the idea of cyber resilience. With this process, not only companies are protected against attacks but they also think about what to do in case of it, in order to continue to run their business as usual. 

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