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CYBERDEFENSE AI develops the next revolution…

Desjardins, Capital One and Equifax: three large companies who remind us that the protection of personal data can be compromised. Since these massive data thefts in 2019, several experts in the field of cybersecurity have addressed the problem in order to offer solutions to prevent security breaches.

In this tireless search for solutions, the CYBERDEFENSE AI company, led by Michel Bourque and a team of experts, offers Blockchain technology services and products for the protection of strategic information for both the corporate and the production.

With a philosophy of collaboration, quality and innovation, CYBERDEFENSE AI working in partnership with Mantle Blockchain has developed new high-end products based on Blockchain technology. According to Mr. Bourque, “technology is developing and provides a superior element to data protection and a reduction in security controls, and this, without setting up an additional infrastructure. ”

What are the solutions in times of COVID-19 crisis?

Mr. Bourque is adamant: “among our cloud solutions, the Blockchain™ Suite is a series of transparent and very resilient applications for data protection; the “Briefcase” application responds to remote work, teleworking which will be more and more preferred. ”

How do you face the competition?

CYBERDEFENSE AI is positioned by its management model based on employee participation, the synergy of teams and partners. “Our choices are discussed and decided as a group; the results belong to the group, underlines Mr. Bourque. In doing so, all the know-how of each individual is put in synergy to create avant-garde products and seduce organizations looking for solutions that meet the needs of the next decade. ”

The Blockchain Suite was designed to integrate with the company’s cybersecurity strategy. It makes it possible to respond to certain essential cybersecurity functions contained in the risk management method of NIST CSF: protecting systems and data, preventing anomalies as well as providing an incident response.

“Our solutions are studied and created with the aim of preventing security breaches and reducing security controls according to the NIST CSF (National Institute of Standards and Technology”. – Michel Bourque, director of CYBERDEFENSE AI

What are your expectations as a member of In-Sec-M?

For the CEO, being a member of In-Sec-M “is not a matter of expectation, but of vision. In-Sec-M, I believe in it since its foundation and our business sector needed a unifying pole. For our firm, In-Sec-M is part of our marketing strategy. It is a facilitator, a one-stop shop for information and a source of opportunities to promote our company, our products and meet new partners. ”

CYBERDEFENSE AI insists on encouraging the development of the next generation by giving them the chance to express themselves and to provide them with the best tools to work on their project and thus arouse passions: give them a voice and listen to them to better grasp certain issues that elude us. This is the source of inspiration for CYBERDEFENSE AI to program the next technological revolution.

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