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Cocoon – For Your Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity

Matt Edwards established Cocoon to help meet the demand for strong cyber security companies in Western Canada. His team has almost two decades of experience providing managed IT services, software development and cybersecurity. Here is a short interview, where he gives us more background on his company.

In-Sec-M : Where does the name Cocoon come from?

Our story starts with our name. We chose Cocoon because it symbolizes transformation and protection, which is the nature of our business: digital transformation and cybersecurity.

As our world rapidly changes, organizations of all sizes understand that technology is critical to achieving growth and long-term success; however, most don’t have a formal technology strategy to guide them. Cocoon helps businesses prioritize the technology investments that bring the most benefits for growth and profitability.

In-Sec-M : What services does Cocoon offer?

The Cocoon team has created a suite of services focused on advancing the role of technology in operations and taking their venture to the next level through its use.

Through a combination of strategy, technology tools and solutions, business processes and management, our Digital Transformation Program integrates systems across all areas of operations, improving productivity, cybersecurity and customer and employee experiences while future-proofing the entire organization.

In-Sec-M: Why did you decide to start the company?

In almost 20-years providing services to businesses across a wide variety of industries, we repeatedly encountered situations where businesses were failing to maximize benefits from IT investments and missing opportunities to use technology to drive innovation and growth. This was often a result of IT being seen as a necessary evil rather than a critical pillar in their business strategies or they simply didn’t know where or how to start increasing the role of technology in their operations. It was for this reason we decided to create Cocoon.

In-Sec-M: What sets you apart in the field of cybersecurity?

The need for cybersecurity is continuously changing. There is no one size fits all solution. Cocoon provides you with a full range of personalized services, including everything from custom technology and infrastructure planning to on-site services and security analysis.

In-Sec-M: What has changed since the pandemic?

Since the pandemic, there has been an increased awareness of the need for cybersecurity, especially in small businesses. A lot of business owners are left not knowing what to do to ensure their data is secure. Cocoon helps them understand how their cybersecurity needs have changed, what technology is available to be implemented, and how to integrate these technologies with operational policies and training to keep their businesses safe.

In-Sec-M: How does In-Sec-M support you?

In-Sec-M connects us with the experts needed to solve cybersecurity problems. We do not claim to know all of the answers, but we can find them out. In-Sec-M plays a significant role in our network of cybersecurity resources.

In-Sec-M: Is there any book or resource about cybersecurity that you would recommend to your colleagues?

I enjoy the Security Now podcast by Steve Gibson.

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