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Captosec for the protection of your information assets

Élie Mabo is the founder of Captosec, an information technology firm specializing in information security, cyber security and business IT solutions. Since 2016, he and his team have been providing a range of services in four specific areas:

– information security consulting;

– cyber security and managed services;

– Cyber security training;

– security audits, assessments and testing.

The company’s mission is to protect customers’ information assets, primarily in the public sector.

What motivated you to found Captosec?

I was able to found Captosec not only because of the entrepreneurial opportunities offered by Canada, but more importantly, because of the many skills I have acquired in the past, such as systems and network administration. I was familiar with security and cyber security. I left France to settle in Canada thanks to CGI and the Quebec and Canadian immigration services. I created my company to be independent. Those who know me know that I work very hard and almost non-stop. I started without hesitation!

What sets you apart in the field of cyber security?

We differentiate ourselves from others by our contextualized support of clients in achieving their business objectives. Our goal is to help clients protect their information, meet compliance requirements and safeguard their image. We offer cybersecurity training to increase the effectiveness of the protection through advanced knowledge and skills acquired. I think we also stand out for the quality and commitment of our team. The customers are satisfied.

What are your plans for the future?

Little by little, we would like to enhance certain tools in our operations and security center to increase our efficiency and our cyber security services. Currently, our market is mainly in Quebec, but we aspire to develop the African market. It’s not the most profitable, but it’s worth it and we want to help. It’s part of our mission.

What has changed since the pandemic?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have readjusted our way of working and some of our service offerings. Our team and client meetings are now virtual. The training we offer is now exclusively online. The advantage is that participants can follow them at their own pace, according to their schedule. It works very well and we will continue to do so even when the pandemic is over.

What do you get out of being an In-Sec-M member?

We haven’t been among the players for long. We joined In-Sec-M about a year ago. We decided to embark on the adventure to increase the visibility of our company and create business opportunities. Our team is also working on the development of an innovative solution.

What cyber security resource would you recommend to your colleagues?

I always recommend the Canadian Centre for Cybersecurity: all the basic resources are there to address cyber security issues and threats!

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