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BlueBear, at the cutting edge of forensic technology

Canadian computer company BlueBear is one of the international leaders in the fight against the sexual exploitation of children online. It offers forensic software solutions to police and intelligence services to facilitate investigative work and the processing of cases in court.

Having to deal with huge amounts of images and videos, police officers benefit greatly from the suite of tools developed by BlueBear. Easy-to-use technology enables the extraction, processing and management of visual big data. This contributes to the rapid processing of online child exploitation cases and improves the identification of individuals associated with these cases.

Great time saving

BlueBear’s flagship product is called LACE. It was designed to assist investigators in the automated categorization of seized or confiscated multimedia evidence files. It drastically reduces the time it takes to analyze images, videos, text and audio files found on computer hard drives and portable devices. “Sometimes an investigator has to examine millions of files, which could take him or her several months. Thanks to LACE, this operation only takes a few days or a few hours! “Said Antoine Normand, president of BlueBear and In-Sec-M.

Not to mention that the face extraction and comparison feature, built into the software, allows you to identify similar faces across different folders. These solutions include biometrics, image recognition, and information analysis and sharing technologies to combat cybercrime in an international context.

A world leader

BlueBear is now a world leader for this type of IT solutions. Its cutting-edge tools are called upon in the police forces of the Canadian provinces, and everywhere in the international: in France, in Switzerland, in the United Kingdom, in Spain, in the Netherlands, in the United States, and even in Singapore, Japan and Australia. “Child pornography goes beyond borders. The magnitude of the problem is really hard to imagine. Investigator resources were limited, but with BlueBear, we are providing essential technological assistance. All the countries really need to work together, ”adds Mr. Normand.

A president involved

Antoine Normand, a businessman greatly involved in the Gatineau community since his early teens, took over the reins of BlueBear in 2007. His exceptional work in the fight against the sexual exploitation of children online, has resulted in was also highlighted in 2013 by the Canadian government, when it received the Queen’s Jubilee Medal. “Our technology makes it easier for police officers to work, and I’m proud of it. The whole team has much to be proud of. But you really need to be up to date and fully understand the ramifications of Internet child exploitation. Not to mention that with the pandemic, the problem exploded, ”he said. The challenges ahead are great, but the president says he is ready and motivated.

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