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Bios : The Peace of Mind

No company, regardless of its size, wants to be the next victim of an intrusion or cyber-attacks. According to the Cost of a Data Breach report, the financial impact of data theft for Canadian businesses in 2020 resulted in average costs of $6 million.

Despite their vulnerabilities toward the sophisticated malicious systems by cybercriminals, companies still have the possibility to fully protect themselves through companies like Bios, specializing in IT outsourcing.

BIOS, complete services for your needs

As a manager and owner, Nicolas Chénier, an IT and cybersecurity enthusiast, has developed a complete range of technology solutions such as IT outsourcing, cybersecurity, surveillance, web hosting services, sales and the repair.

These services help optimize business performance while reducing operating costs, as Mr. Chénier says: “early in my young age, I had a computer and I loved helping people. After several years in the federal and private sectors, I felt the need to take up other challenges and put my expertise at the service of companies, particularly SMEs, which often have difficulty setting up a suitable and affordable protection system.”

How did you adapt to the challenges of COVID-19?

At Bios, attention to detail and the importance of staying up to date with new trends in the market are essential, in order to offer the best to customers. With this in mind, Nicolas Chénier has been equipped since December with a new all-in-one platform capable of ensuring optimal and complete service. From his perspective: “COVID-19 has been a very busy time for us. In addition to cloud migrations, we were more than ready to meet customer expectations, ensuring their safety and the productivity of their employees working from home, with our platform deployed in December.”

How important is being a member of in-Sec-M?

With a nationwide clientele, in collaboration with his team, Nicolas Chénier is working hard to bring Bios further. That being said, he argues that: “Being a member of In-Sec-M is an opportunity for Bios to better position itself in the cybersecurity field, and to join more SMEs.”

Ultimately, with the emergence and expertise of local businesses in the region, businesses should be much better equipped to prevent a potential IT incident. As Nicolas Chénier points out: “It is much more expensive to have a cybersecurity incident than to protect yourself from one. So people should think more about having a good protection system.”

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